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Half a day with no symptoms!

For some strange reason yesterday I had half a day of little to none anxiety symptoms, I felt like a normal person and it was awesome, this is how I use to feel a few years ago, but today day it all began again!! Woke up unsteady, tired, agitated and a heavy head feeling and more, why won't this go away???? feeling exhausted already and it's only 10am.

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This makes me said because I have days with no anxiety too and there amazing but then I wake up with a heavy chest again I grieve for the person I used to be . Feel like I took my carefree life for granted

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I used to get little bouts of feeling normal and eventually they lasted longer and longer, now I feel normal most of the time.


Hi jimtom

How did you get rid or reduce of your symptoms?


Hello Dunc.

How did I improve stuff, I think the main reasons are, the gym, art, music and some reading. In the last few months I haven't allowed myself time to think negative. I made goals and concentrated on them, I do get anxiety attacks sometimes but not very often now. I suppose keeping my mind occupied has done the trick. Make goals and try to achieve them. Now when I do feel negative thoughts coming I have learned to stop them by thinking positively or I think if something good from the past or I make positive thoughts about the future.


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