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Pet related anxiety

I'm suffering from Pet related anxiety.

I picked up a new cat on the shelter last saturday and he's alone at home for the first day.

I spent all day with my heart in my throat. I cannot put aside the bad thoughts.

My last cat died in the summer, after almost 16 years of living with me. I'm terrified of going through that again.

I didn't think it would be so hard.

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Wait til you get home and see your new cat give you the unconditional love that pets do and your heart will melt and you will be so happy that you have adopted this new companion and grateful too that you shared so many years with your other dear furry friend who has gone to cat's heaven and know this new cat is going to fill your heart with as much love in the coming years as your old friend did.

I wish you both a happy lifetime together. You have opened your home and your heart to this new pet and there is going to be a very special and loving bond between the two of you in the coming years.

Take care. Relax and enjoy your new companion!

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