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I was wonder if there are any good idea on how I can treat this anxiety I have at the moment. My main problem is I don't want to leave the house by myself, it make me feel sick, I get tight across the chest, butterflies in my stomach and sweaty to. Also I like my own company and don't like being around to many people either. I am currently signed of from work as I'm am a checkout operator for a very busy supermarket. I have got a few ongoing health problems at the moment and my aging parent are also cause me a few worries to. They live 50 miles away and I don't drive. So it take a while on public transport to get to them if my husband doesn't take me. the doctor has put me on citalopram and short term diazepam as and when I need it. I just want to get past this hut I don't no how to, any suggestion would be appreciated.

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I am in the same boat as you. I can only seem to leave the house comfortably at night time.

Doctor put me on the same meds as you and they seem to be working a little bit.

It will take time so take baby steps.

You will get past this.


Thank you fir the reply


Sjdard, the symptoms you describe are of course Agrophobia, a fear of leaving home, it is a symptom of anxiety and is best treated in exactly the same way as all the other symptoms of anxiety. I think what has happened is that the worry and stress about your parents and possibly the health issues you mention has caused you anxiety which has caused your nervous system to become over sensitive producing the feelings of nausea, tight chest and butterflies in your stomach.

If all the butterflies experienced by people on this forum could be collected together we would have enough to fill half a dozen Natural History Museums at least.

So how to overcome your fear of going outside and return your nervous system to a normally tranquil state? The most successful way I know of overcoming anxiety is through the Acceptance method devised long ago by Dr Claire Weekes whose books over the years have brought relief, understanding and recovery to hundreds of thousands of people. So instead of fighting your feelings you let them come and simply Accept them because you know they are not symptoms of organic illness and cannot therefore make you collapse, pass out or prevent your legs from working.

So you open that door some time soon and step out on your own and when the nausea, tight chest and butterflies make themselves felt you fully Accept them regardless of how uncomfortable they make you feel. Instead of flinching and tensing when those dreaded symptoms come you must imagine every muscle in you head and body relaxing and going limp and just float forward along the pavement. And as you do so let the fears and anxieties that come pass through you and disappear behind you and because you are experiencing controlled relaxation you will not add further fear to any fears that strike. Let the butterflies flutter and your chest tighten if it must, but just keep Accepting those unpleasant symptoms without fear and bewilderment and keep on floating along the road.

Because you are not fueling the fires of anxiety with more fear you begin to give your over sensitised nerves a break and with practice and perseverence and by letting time pass they will return to normal and you will feel yiur old self once more.

The Dr Claire Weekes I mentioned earlier wrote a book 'Release from nervous suffering' which has helped morevpeople to overcome agrophobia than any other book written and I strongly recommend you invest in a copy from Amazon.

Taking diazepam occasionally one a one-off basis can be most helpful when everything seems too much or you need special help but it cannot replace the natural peace of mind that comes only with Acceptance.


Thank you will look into the book, anything to help


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