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Weird stomach and back pains

Evening all. I received some really good news the other day regarding my heart. The exercise test I had was perfect and even said i have less chance than the general population to have a serious arythmia. I don't know how that works but that's all it says. But now I'm really worrried about my stomach and lower back. I get pains on right and left side and my lower back feels like there is a stabbing feeling. I had a ct scan a few weeks back and I had a stone which I passed. I don't know if it's the fact I had one that I'm now telling myself it's that pain or maybe it's muscle pain? How do I know the difference. Kidney function and everything else was fine so chances are two weeks on it's still the same. It's just all over the place at the moment. My brother had his appendix out too so maybe that has added to make my anxiety bad and make me worry about appendix. I have got that before where someone has an illness and I convinced I have it to. Can anyone relate to stomach and lower back pain? Thanks in advance.

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I'm having lower back pain and well and I'm starting to worry about my kidneys. How do I know if there is something wrong?


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