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Anxiety and panic attacks have returned after long break!

Just to thank you for all the replies I have had on the site which I just joined 2 weeks ago. It is great to read all the postings and to know most importantly "That you are NOT alone" there are so many others out there with the same feelings and problems.

Always felt a problem shared is a problem halved so I have also joined a local support group and go to my third meeting on Tuesday. I find the group really helpful for for anyone out there if there are local support groups near you I highly recommend it. Together we can beat all these "unwelcome" feelings that hit us day after day.

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Hi DOGS-GIZMO-FRODO, It's always nice to hear that the forum offers the support and understanding that it's meant to as well as making us not feel so alone. I'm happy that you found a local support group. They are a little hard to find but are so worth the effort. Remember it is a two way street with anxiety. Thanks for your responses as well. Have a good day!


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