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Anxiety and panic attack

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Now I haven’t had a panic attack and anxiety attack for 1 week now .......I Was just laying here and got shortness of breath ....out of breath for no reason trying not to call ambulance but it’s scaring me cus I can’t catch it so scared ima die

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Shaymocha, has the feeling passed? xx

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Shaymocha111 in reply to Agora1

Still here

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Agora1 in reply to Shaymocha111

Hi Shaymocha, I was looking over your previous posts and it looks like you have

had this before as well as other health concerns. I think it would be better if you

got up and walked around a little. I know it's a terrible feeling, but nothing is

seriously wrong. This feeling like we can't breathe does not come from our lungs

or our heart but rather from the over tensed muscles of the diaphragm.

Do not fight the feeling. Take short small breathes until the muscles in your

upper stomach relax (and they will) Make sure you are hydrated since our

muscles work better when we are. I've even been known to jump up and down

once which for me seems to break the tension cycle. Once that muscle relaxes

a full relieving breath will come. This is anxiety throwing another symptom at us.

Keep us posted as to when you start feeling better.

I'm going to check and see if I have something on diaphragmatic breathing and

will get back to you. You are okay, nothing will happen. xx

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Shaymocha111 in reply to Agora1

Hey and I walked for an least 30mins still the same

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Agora1 in reply to Shaymocha111

Hi Shaymocha, when you have had this before, has it lasted this long without a


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Agora1 in reply to Shaymocha111

Do you feel this is coming from your anxiety? Anything in particular

happen today that might have set you off?

Do you have a fever, a cough? Have you had Asthma in the past?

So many questions but I don't know you or your health history. I can

only relay on my own experiences with anxiety symptoms. If you feel

this is something different than by all means you need to talk with a

doctor to rule out any health issue. I want to help you but I also want

to keep you safe. xx

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Shaymocha111 in reply to Agora1

Hey I went to lay down and it came out the blue as I was laying down and when I noticed it made it worse and this is the first time it’s last this long (all day ) I’m scared to go to sleep trying my best not to go to emergency room and I don’t have asthma that I know off never had any health issues either no fever or cough only thing was an irregular heartbeat but it’s normal I’ve had every test done doctor and emergency room said I’m healthy

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Agora1 in reply to Shaymocha111

Good Morning Shaymocha. I am hoping today finds you feeling better. xx

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Shaymocha111 in reply to Agora1

No still the same

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Agora1 in reply to Shaymocha111

Shaymocha, I would then suggest you at least give your doctor

a call. Let him know how long this has been going on. If it's anxiety

then we can support you. We just cannot take the responsibility if

it might be a health issue. Only your professional can address this issue.

I care and want you to feel better. xx

Sometimes when we lie down or bend we do get shortness of breath. Did the feeling go after a time ?


It’s still here

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Agora1 in reply to borderriever

I agree BOB that lying down might not be helping.

Okay...."How to relieve Shortness of Breath from Anxiety" by the Calm Clinic

on YouTube. The more we understand our symptoms the less we will fear it.

Never Google...You are okay. xx

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borderriever in reply to Agora1

I am having problems when I turn my Head or rising up from a seat even if I turn suddenly I become dizzy. My GP knows I have health conditions, one of them I have problems with the disks in my neck.

If you lie down or rise up suddenly that can cause problems with your blood pressure especially if you are overweight. This could cause breathlessness. If you are not resting your head in the correct manner and your pillows are not supporting your neck and head again that may cause you problems. You can purchase memory foam pillows that give neck and head support, could it be something like that. Sometimes even sitting down in a seat that does not give your neck and back support can affect stresses on your spine and shoulders. This may be a problem if you fall asleep and wake up, rising suddenly could cause a for of breathlessness.

I am registered disabled in the UK and I live in a bungalow that has been adapted. Some of the changes are quite small, look for something simple before worrying about complex conditions. I am not saying make adaptations what I say is consider simple things that are wrong.

However if you feel concerned see your GP, it is important you are comfortable in your home breathlessness can be caused by many things, you need to look at your situation over the long term. There are several tests that are simply performed to put your mind at rest


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Agora1 in reply to borderriever

I agree Bob in that if things seem different or tend to go on longer than usual,

then a professional opinion should be considered. After all we are not doctors

and can only help by sharing our own experiences with anxiety.

Like you, I too have neck disc problems due to a car accident years ago.

I always protect my neck when sitting as well as using a Kawasoki Pillow that

conforms to my neck issues.

I have never gotten breathlessness due to my neck but can get off balanced

easily when looking up or down for a time. Thanks for sharing this information.

Together we can learn and find comfort in each other's experiences. :) xx

I’m sorry you are having trouble breathing. It’s scary and uncomfortable. This is a long shot, but happens to me. Certain times of the year when allergies are the worst I suddenly have problems breathing. It is connected to a combination of eating certain food and plant allergies. It’s called pollen food allergy. So, the rest of the year I can eat apples just fine, but when birch tree season hits ( I’m slightly allergic), then I suddenly have trouble breathing when I eat apples. I don’t sneeze, or have any other allergy symptoms, just can’t breathe. When I think about it, it gets worse.

I eat apples a lot so when i suddenly have trouble breathing for several days, it always takes me by surprise since it only happens once a year.

Hers an article on

Do you have Diabetes by any chance?K

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