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Severe panic attack

I'm just looking for some reassurance please, I suffer for GAD and health anxiety and have been feeling very 'on edge' for the last couple of days, this morning I went to watch my son play rugby and despite feeling lightheaded before enjoyed the game and felt fine afterwards. As soon as we arrived home I felt a strange type of feeling (can't really explain!) then my vision went very strange i couldn't make things out properly everything was blurred and looked distorted I panicked massively it's one of the worst panic attacks I've had in 20 years 😢 I'm still not a 100% it was that as the symptoms were so severe. This was a few hours ago and since then have had a headache, felt queasy and more alarmingly have had distorted hearing! My husband was talking to me and everything just seemed to be in slow motion and all his words were jumbled up and I couldn't work out what he was saying this has frightened me so much. I'm convinced I've had some kind of mini stroke, feel very weak now with a bad head 😔 Has anyone ever had vision and/or hearing problems?? Thanks for reading so grateful for this page

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rach1626, If you are still feeling bad, I would recommend at least calling your doctor and letting him know what happened. Sometimes it is difficult to weed out what's panic/anxiety and what might be medically caused.


Fact you got out to the match and all was well until you got home I think you just had a MAJOR panic attack.

I find I can feel better when I push myself out the door for a while as you associate home and the house with anxiety and panic if that is where it usually happens so when you arrived home it went into top gear and caused you those symptoms.

The old saying feel the fear and do it anyway is what I have been telling myself lately as I have often felt dreadful and panicky at home and have sometimes taken the first step out the door and when I felt ok ventured a little bit further. I managed to get down town 3 times this past week which for me is a miracle. I didn't stay long but the fact I went got there got home in one piece it has helped. I am now telling myself it is all mind over matter and trying to stop thinking negatively about my health all the time. It can become a self fulling thing if you can't try to let it go you can bring the anxiety on.

I wish you all the best and just keep telling yourself I went to my sons match, I made it, I enjoyed watching him play, he was great and glad his mum was there, I can keep doing that and supporting him. Try to shift your thoughts to doing things with your son and husband and trying not to think about yourself so much.

I know its hard I have been there done that but this site is a great support and I joined a talking therapy group locally and go to my third meeting tuesday. A few months ago I did not dream I could go and do that but it is great to listen to others and realize you are not alone and everyone offers the other support.

Good luck and best wishes for your future. You can do it. You go girl!


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