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Feelin' overwhelmed

Hi everyone,

I have GAD, and I thought I had it under control. I'm two years of medication , happy, and I feel like I just hit a brick wall of crushing anxiety. Shaking, tingling, miserable sleeplessness. I am in that awful thought process of thinking there is something seriously medically wrong, but I've been here before and I know it's not, but yet it's always on my mind....

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I'm right there with you on knowing there is nothing wrong but still always thinking that there is. It's so frustrating. Maybe it's time to up your meds? I'm thinking that's my next step. Hope you feel better soon


I wasn't on any meds, worked for years to control it, then on Wednesday I had a horrible day and came home, dug out my bottle and went right back on my 20mg , it just takes awhile to work.


What are you on? I'm taking buspar but feel like it's not working


Ciprelex, it works great, but it takes awhile to build up it your system


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