Genuinely unwell

Hi all.. been down again lately wondering if today is my last day!! I wake up feeling dizzy and don't want to get out of bed just in case I drop!! COULD be my b12 though.. yet another trip to the doctors is needed. I've had a real bad pressure headache all day which scares me because I've never had a proper headache before!! I'm constantly tired, my back hurts, my chest is still causing me problems after months, but shock, I get told it's anxiety! I am starting to accept it, but it's very difficult especially as I'm 18, my family's never had anything like this before so it's all new and people think I'm loosing the plot.. can anyone suggest anything?


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4 Replies

  • If you've been to a doctor and they say it is anxiety, they may be right. However it does not hurt to get a second opinion because your symptoms to sound bad. At the very least they could perhaps suggest some medication that will reduce your anxiety, at least you can be on medication for short term for something else works

  • I was on citalopram! I came off due to other medical issues at the time and I felt like they didn't do a lot for me either if I'm honest! A lot of people have told me to stay clear of medications cos they don't want me depending on it so I'm pretty weary of it

  • Panic attacks cause problems like you are describing, Fearing the unknown and dealing with facing a new day is hard sometimes . You may need therapy or talking to someone to help you figure things out that is causing your anxiety. First panic attack I had scared me to death though it was a heart attack. I have meds to stop them but seldom need them. Panic attacks cause all sorts of weird symptoms.

  • The worst aren't they!! I am struggling a lot. I wake up every morning dreading how I'm gonna feel during the day and it's bringing me down so much! Maybe talking to a pro will help! Thank you!

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