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Feeling Unwell all the time..

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I just feel really unwell all the time at the moment. I write out messages to people and read them back and they are scrambled.. my ears are blocked, my nose is blocked, I feel like I’m struggling to swallow at times - I feel wobbly. I don’t know if this is allergies as I know I have them but I’m 31 years old and just feel drained and tired with no energy and I feel sick of feeling this way.!

Does anyone else feel this way when they’re experiencing a bad bout of anxiety?

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The first step is to see your doctor and have a thorough check up and comprehensive blood tests. If they are all fine, then your symptoms may be due to anxiety and you can work on that.

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Hi Kellylou1712. I can really relate to what you're feeling. I also feel drained and tired, constantly. I wake up and feel this way and throughout the day, too. I don't have any energy whatsoever. My nose is always congested too, and it feels like my head is always "full". I feel like I'm in a fog all the time and just blah.

I have an under active thyroid which could be a reason for the low energy and feeling tired. My GP just did a blood test for a vitamin B and D level (for the tiredness), but I haven't gotten the results back.

It would be good to see your GP to first rule out any physical problems. If there is nothing wrong, and you think your symptoms could be from anxiety, you might benefit from seeing a counselor. If you don't have one, your GP can refer you to one.

It is also possible that your tiredness, etc., could be caused from depression. Those are very common symptoms to have.

Best of luck to you. I hope you feel better soon. I know it's hard to feel this way all the time.

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Just a note. When I have had blood tests before, everything did come back pretty much normal, but I continued to feel "unwell" as you do. I'm not 100% sure what the reasons are for me still feeling like this-vitamin deficiency or maybe depression, because I do have depression. Hopefully, you will find some answers soon.


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My allergies are horrible this year. I feel vertigo when I turn my head. It makes me stressful. I have an Anxious personality to begin with so when I don’t feel well it certainly exacerbates my anxiety.

So for me it’s a combination of circumstances.

Try allergy medication like Sudafed D

You can now buy FLONASE OVER THE COUNTER. It really helps me.

All the best to you


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Forgive me if I state what may be obvious to you already. It's a fact that having anxiety for extended periods can lead to depression. That could explain your energy level. I've come to believe that chronic anxiety can lead to many other things like depression, a host of physical problems and disease. Lately my throat has felt constricted, like it's hoarse, and when I talk my voice breaks up. I often feel like I'm losing my mind, it makes any physical pain I have worse and always adds to my depression. I'm sure my anxiety also causes my high blood pressure, restless legs and for sure my insomnia. I often wondered whether my depression or anxiety has caused more issues for me throughout my life, but now it's a no brainer. Anxiety hands down. I understand you're sick of it, and can only offer an ear.

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Bleu1990 in reply to Mofro

Hi I haven’t been diagnosed with anxiety but I have similar things going on with me right now and I’m scared and don’t know what to do

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Mofro in reply to Bleu1990

I understand the fear you feel. I've done a lot over the past 50+ years, and I'm at a point where I have to accept this is who I am. I'll have to continue living it and die with it. I don't have enough life left to wait for the next big breakthrough. I don't know if it's worth it in any case because I can't bring the past back and the past is where I want to be.

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yes I’m currently experiencing the same things

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