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How does one stop obsessive thoughts?

Lately, I am now able to manage my anxiety more and I have gotten over my New Year depression. I'm working towards starting fresh in my life, which includes spending less time on the Internet.

However the main thing that is blocking my path are obsessive thoughts. This is what really concerns me now because as well all know, trying to stop obsessive thoughts only fuels them further. I have obsessive thoughts over situations and people in my life that associate with the negative experiences and it's making me scared because, I do not want to think about these negative thoughts for the rest of my life. :( And I hate that trying to stop them only makes it worse so I have no idea what to do! I want to put these experiences behind me but it's so hard when your mind is so fixated on them. What should I do? Thanks.

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this is a link to a post on how I deal/dealt with intrusive thoughts.

trying to fight obsessive thoughts, as you say, just doesn't work - recognising them as what they really are and accepting them as such - generally warnings about anxiety - seems to me to be the way to go - hope you can find some way of doing this with your thoughts.


Could you write the thoughts down. Then try and imagine who is telling you the thoughts who is the voice? Imagine what they look like then ask the voice to stop telling you negative things tell the voice you need to work together to make you happy. I tried this myself and it can help. Imagine hard to lowering the sound on the voice push him out of the room. Imagine the colour of these thoughts change the colour to one you like. Hope this helps?


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