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My morning

So first thing first , I slept good last night . I took some vistaril last night for sleep and forgot the doctor told me NOT to take it after 10:00 or I'll still be sleepy. So here I am now , I overslept for work and I'm still tired ... my throat hurt when I cough and swallow 😫😫. hopefully I have a good day . Positive thinking and attitude. 😊😊

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hi just reading your 2 messages. Last night I was so discouraged and worried about this heart test they want to send me for.....I just can stop dwelling on things I fear. I did sleep well with the sereoquel. and although a grey day here at least not snowing or raining. Oh Oh did you make it to work? Sounds like you are getting a cold....did you try gargling with either hot water and salt or hot water and peroxide? My day started as a nightmare.....fear, of the future heart test, saying I'm not going to go to it, but if I don't then what...but what if I go and it is a blocked artery, and surgery I'm terrified of any type of surgery. Hubby says if may be a false positive and nothing to worry about...have the test......shaking like a leaf, feeling short of breath, took an Ativan, have all my thoughts on paper for dr. tomorrow. I don't feel he can do much, he is limited to medications and therapy.......when I get in a real "mess" I can't control the fear no matter going to do a few chores and attempt to keep busy. I hope your day is going well.


I hope you have a good day.....try to drink hot drinks....halls lozenges.....I think if you take the med again you'd best take it earlier in the evening :-)


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