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Someone please tell me I'm not alone!

I have been having rapid heart beat for the past three days! I am cold then hot and repeat! I am shaking periodically and and trembling. I am nervous all the time. I am exhausted all the time. I can't do my job at work due to running out of the office and hiding in the bathroom taking deep breaths. I am so afraid I'm dying on cancer of something terminal. I often run outside to catch my breath or go for a walk around the building to calm down. I have dizzy spells through the day. I sweat at night and wake up from nightmares I can't remember! I feel like I'm going crazy and I'm losing my mind. Am I alone? Is this anxiety?

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My opinion is yes,i think this is anxiety.ive also been having i guess its called heart palpulations?and i usually never worry about my heart but these past couple of days i have been.anxiety causes all kinds of different REAL physical symptoms.just try to stay calm(i know easier said than done) go to your doctor just for reassurance.and if the results come back normal than just believe that this is all anxiety.hope you get better soon!

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Sounds like palpitations. When I have had them I often get a nauseous tight feeling in my chest, pins and needles in my face and the need to either stand still and let everything slow down, or run around to catch up with my heart beet.

If it's causing a shortness of breath or an affect to your blood pressure you will likely feel dizzy.

I would recommend a visit to the GP as dizziness should always be checked - could be something simple like lack of iron.

I wouldn't worry too much about the palpitation, it sounds a little patronising but try and count to ten or hum a song.

Keep a diary too of what you were doing or thinking before it happened as you might find a common patern

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