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Help me overcome my anxiety please

Hi guys.

Because of my health anxiety I decided to go visit a doctor. but the main cause of my anxiety is still giving me a lot of pain. I need your help before going to doctor. I'm 22 years old male. I smoked for almose one year. I smoked 7-8 times per day. I have chronic cough with wheezing sound. no chest pain, no blood during coughing. do I have cancer???😭😭😭

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I doubt very very much you have cancer and I am sure your Doctor will confirm that so keep that appointment you have made and go and see them :-)

There is a horrible cough going about at the moment that is leaving people with it for weeks and weeks could be as simple as that but when we have anxiety we always think the worse that is how anxiety controls us

Write down everything you want to tell the Doctor about the cough but also how your anxiety is affecting you that way you will not come away from the appointment missing something out you wanted to tell them as you can keep referring to the list :-)

Also before you go have a think what you would like them to do to support you

They may suggest medication , is that the route you would like to take ? or there is Therapy like Counselling is that something you would be interested in ? and if they don't mention anything you feel would help you do not be afraid to ask them :-)

Let us know how you get on when you have been :-)

Take Care x

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