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Hello again,

My anxiety levels have been so high this week and I am really struggling.

I know the cause of it is work, even though I love my job 12 hour days are taking their toll and I have been suffering from spots, low energy and dry lips.

Today I feel down the stairs (only 2 steps) and I had to sit there for ages because I felt dizzy and faint and sick and then I started to worry and google that I was in shock and then I panicked and started shaking and it was an hour before I calmed down.

At work the other day I had heart palpitations for 4 hours but I managed to work with them. I also find I can't sleep and just my tolerance is so low!

I hate myself like this. I am really struggling! I am going to leave my job in the summer but I need to get through this.

I am so stressed that my ability to cope with little things like a small tumble is just turning into an uncontrollable panic.

I don't want to go on medication again but if anyone has any calming advice I would be most grateful xx

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I really hope u can get some rest sounds like u are really fatigued from those long hours at work. Maybe try some calming meditation music at bedtime with chamomile tea.


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