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Feeling down:(

I have a lot going on right now. Im at the point in life wjere i may become homeless, my adopted mother (which been mean to me but still have love For her) has congestive heart failure. I have a daughter who is with her dad bc i cant afford a babysitter along with these anxiey feelings i get every frealin day is so tiring and sometimes i wonder whats the point of trying anymore...i an do depressed an dont want to feell like this anymore.e ...i need someone to support me but whenever i need a hand or a friend no one is around but when im needed im there..... Maybe im better off.....

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Maybe you are better off putting yourself first for a while.

Have seen your doctor about this.


You need to see a doctor asap get bk to normal then get you daughter bk and live a happy life, don't let no one put you down


I want to encourage you to get up and feel better about yourself do not sink into the dark hole you are better than that get your daughter back and look forward into the future.


Sorry to hear you are having a bad time. Have you sought any advice about your housing situation I would encourage you to contact the Citizens Advice Bureau or Shelter or both they are both very helpful. Sorry to hear your family problems is there another family member or friend you can speak to. You can only do so much at one time , write a list and speak to your GP as well if you can. All the Best


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