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Update after doctors appointment

Hi all, been to doctor and I've been referred into mh in local hospital for outpatient treatment. Also put back onto citraplam medication and told to take it for a minimum of 8 months. Talked to him about all my symptoms, what I was doing etc and he was very understanding. He said everything I'm doing is a part of my illness and not to be ashamed or feel alone. Also going back in 3 months for a progress chat. Feel like a weight has been lifted. Aw and the lump In my side I was feeling was apparently my floating rib, and trust me he had a good poke about today. My husband also came and explained what it's like for him. Starting my tablets tonight, the fight is on, and I want to win

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O I am so pleased you went and now you are getting support :-)

I can imagine the relief and you will get there , you have made some positive steps and a little at a time just keep building on that

Good hubby supporting you to and glad he got to say how it is for him to :-)

Take Care x

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Ah thank you lulu-1 yes my husband is normally supportive but does get annoyed with me as well, although I can understand why. My Dr said all what I do such as checking my body and poking and proding are characteristics of my illness. I told him I'm afraid of medication and I will only take it for a short time and he said in a stern voice you will take it for a minimum of 8 months and not come off until I tell you! He had a good root around my ribs and said he couldn't feel anything only bone, so I need to stop proding, started the meds tonight and will see the mental health nurse soon, I feel relived that he understood what it's like and was offering me lots of help! I've had this on and off most of my adult life and I want and need to change xx


And you will now you are getting some support :-)

Every time you start to feel yourself about to prod remember what the Doctor said , maybe set yourself a challenge to see how long you can go or how few a times in a day you can stop prodding and let us know :-) x

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