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So this morning I woke up feeling really positive and happy after a good session of NLP last night, was ready to try and start my life again, I woke up to the sound of my carbon monoxide alarm going off, this of course has made me freak out and now I am convinced that all my organs are going to fail because of poisoning. My anxiety is so bad right now, chest pains, whole body is itching and burning, terrible headaches and vision, everytime I seem to be getting better something happens :(

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Try and think back to what it was you found helpful about your NLP session yesterday and apply it to what happened today. In the meantime, open the window a crack...


I've left my house I'm at work now. That's supposed to be my safe place! 😞


Sandy1710, you walked out of your house, you weren't carried out. That's what the alarm is for, to get you out safely before you have any ill effects.

You are safe at work, start deep breathing away the imagined symptoms of anxiety. You are okay. x


Hi Agora. So am i right in thinking because I got scared about the monoxide issue. I've caused my own headaches and stomach pains etc? It's a result of my reaction to something not so sinister?

Reply know, sometimes there is a malfunction of the unit. It happened to me in the middle of the night once. I immediately felt lightheaded and dizzy and called 911. The Fire Dept doesn't take that lightly and were inspecting my house from top to bottom within moments. The levels showed no carbon monoxide in the home. But why did the unit go on? Malfunction. Upon hearing that, my symptoms disappeared but the anxiety lasted a little bit just from the fright of it all.

You're safe. When you go home, air out your home and have the unit checked. If it's old maybe even replace it. The Fire Depts do carry them at the station. Feel better. x

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