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How do you deal with winter?

I used to live in Phoenix for a bit and it was easy to deal with winter because it was great weather... I am suffering with a lot of anxiety lately, gerd, high blood pressure and etc. I had to go to the hosptial three times, still feel awful. Seeing a gastrointestinal doc in a week. The gerd makes it very hard but started driving out to Portland OR to start coding school, thoughts of leaving my Wife and kids and safe zone to go some where that I know only a couple people for four months overwhelmed me... I had to turn around. Gerd was crazy, blood pressure was 145/102.. restarted me on blood pressure meds, gerd medication... I feel very sick now. Worse than without being on these medications. Anxiety is high, started seeing a therapist and next week a psychiatric nurse and then a psychiatrist. Anxiety is awful, so sorry any of you have to deal with it. It's hard because I constantly think something else is wrong with me, something very serious... getting muscle twitches at night and sinus pressure. Ugh.... Good to see other people out there that care about each other and our issues. It's hard to talk about them with people without anxiety issues, they try to sympathize but can't really understand.

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Totally forgot about that actual topic here.. haha. When I lived in Phoenix I had this same thing with GERD... It was terrible. But I got myself out of the house and said, "if I die, I die" and just started walking my dogs around the park every day.. it really helped. Here in Milwaukee though, it is grey and cold... I don't know how to deal with it.. Hard to get rid of my anxiety and depression with this kind of weather.

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Well, Chicago's the same. but I love the snow and don't mind shoveling. When you look out the window, look for the positive things each day brings. There has always got to be something to smile about.

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I am in the UK and I don't like the winter very much , would rather have the Summer as it somehow lifts your mood and you feel like you can deal with things a lot better as well as it is so much nicer been outdoors in the warm weather

You seem to be going through quite a bit but good to see you have support :-)

Give it time as there is no quick fix but with the support you are about to start getting you will slowly start to feel the benefit :-)

This Community is full of people that know just how you feel because they have either been there or are there at the moment so there is always someone that will be able to relate and even when we don't have all the answers we are very good at listening :-)

Take Care x

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