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Hi, I have suffered depression and anxiety, heart palpitations endlessly until in my 30's I started zoloft and wellbutrin. They still help but I find using GUIDED MEDITATION online is very good to help me relax and control the endless scary thoughts in my head. I listen daily and practice yoga at home. My daughter now 10, has same symptoms so she is beginning guided meditation before bed and this helps her very much. We go walking everyday no matter what! Exercise is important! I encourage my daughter to write down her thoughts. This helps her worries disappear. Life is wonderful and doing these activities everyday will help immensely! You're not alone, most of us haven't been taught these techniques. You don't have to suffer!

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Thank You for sharing your Positive Post and what you have found that has helped you :-)

I agree the things you mention are very good in helping people with anxiety and worth anyone's time giving them a try :-)

Your Daughter is so lucky to have a parent like you to be able to support her and show her how to keep the anxiety under control and it must feel rewarding knowing that you can help her with these strategies

I hope it long continues for you both :-)

Take Care x


Hi Deb1658, It sounds like your daughter has a good role model. Guided meditation daily is the way to keep our mind and body in sync. Exercise so important as well as hydration. It sounds like you might have had some therapy that gave you these tools. You're right in that Life is Wonderful and it is about what we make of it. Medication only goes so far whereas these practiced techniques will carry us through each day. Continued success. Way to Go!


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