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I wanted to give you an insight into my story. I was rushed to hospital 6 months ago with a racing heart (180bpm), was let go everything was fine, I have had a few visits to a&e since then with the same problem. Often after eating (indigestion,heartburn) or due to chest pain/ body pain. My cardiologist says everything is absolutely fine and it appears I am suffering with Anxiety related to my visit to a&e. I now seem to have accepted that my heart is fine and have no trouble after eating and don't seem to be getting any chest pains anymore. However, now I cannot help but think that there is something/everything else wrong with me, yesterday I had a pain in my side which I assumed was my lung, other day I had back pain I assumed was kidney, and any little headache I think that I have a brain tumour. I am now taken Fluoxetine which I am 4 months into and it is still happening. I woke up this morning with just a little cold, but I now believe this is the latest illness that is going to kill me. Any little pain or movement in my body I believe is another fault and my body is slowly giving up on me. I seem to have calmed down about my heart but recently am convinced i have something wrong with my brain and maybe even some sort of cancer in the stomach or something. I find i can be influenced by others, one of my staff called in sick and he had to have a ECG done and after that i started getting chest pains myself, two weeks later he rung up and he was having a scan on his brain, i started getting headaches and blurred vision etc. That day i had a panic attack which was different to any others i ran out of my meeting room my head started pounding and i couldnt breathe, since then i have convinced myself something is wrong with my brain and i dont think i can get past that. I want to talk about sensitisation too as my friend mentioned that to me before, i have had panic attacks over things as silly as... my hair blowing in the wind (assuming its a brain problem) and then if my satchel strap rubs on my chest (panic attack) and even a shirt material rubbing on my chest can make me anxious and set me off, its absolutely ridiculous. The one pro im holding onto is at home and when im sleeping i dont have any pains, but other than that im convinced im dying. Another thing that is casing me grief is itching, my skin itches an awful lot, especially the chest area and head area, just adding to my anxiety. Im sorry to go on but really at my wits end at the moment and not sure what to do. I went doctors last week and she said that I've used so much of their time I really need to stop and get hold of myself. The day after that I was in a&e with kidney stones. They done bloods and urine and ct scan and everything was fine. Apart from the stone. I guess ct scan will pick up everything and anything. Now my anxiety has restored back to the heart. It's a never ending cycle. I get itches all over my back that I scratch a lot and just convince myself that's something is up. I'm a lost cause aren't I?

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You are definitely not a "lost cause'. You may be struggling with health anxiety and related panic attacks. I hope you will find a therapist and also a psychiatrist who are familiar with these treatable conditions. Try the "find a therapist" button on the ADAA website ( Good luck!

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