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Can anxiety cause high heart rate?

I just went for a workout and it wasnt very heavy just did the treadmill at 3.0 mph and incline of 5.0 the most and i checked my hr which went up to 165 the most...... Im 24 and weigh 285 ...last year i worked out and lpst over 6p lbs yhan started binge eating now im trynna loose ot again but this feeling is making me not want to wormput anymore ..i recently did a echocardiogram and everything was normal what do you think it could be ?

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Smilerayray92, it could be that your heart is doing what it's suppose to when you exercise. As long as you have clearance by your physician, there is no need NOT to exercise. Make sure you drink water after working out in order to avoid dehydration. Your pulse should go back to a normal rate after that. If you have any concerns, bring it up with your doctor. I hope you are not binge eating anymore, this is the better way to go with exercise. Good Luck


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