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Vein showing in head never did before (picture)

Vein showing in head never did before (picture)

im at a wits ends it may seem and it's driving me crazy thinking its a worse case scenario sort of thing. So I've been going to the doctors for literally months about this jaw pain I've had and sinus issues, dentist said somethings wrong with my TMJ joint and refered me to a specialist, and the doctor has referred me to an ENT for my sinus problems both cause me facial pain and side of my head pain but I now know it isn't a Tumor or something worse causing this pain.... However, recently since this all started my vein has been popping out daily 24/7 and slightly throbbing just above the left eyebrow forehead area down to bear the side of my head and is leaving me extremely worried. Doctors say I have no red flags to any serious medical conditions and I do now believe them... But what is his being I really don't know why it is there could it be caused by my sinisitus and sinus issues? It's hard to pinpoint what's causing what with the sinuses and the TMJ. Any reassurance would be EXTREMELY, appreciated! Thank you! Oh and side note I'm always hot in my face but again I believe that's sinuses. I trace the being on the left side of my forehead above my eyebrow down to near where my TMJ issues are.... Hope this isn't serious it doesn't hurt it just throbs and is very visible. The photo doesn't do much justice but real life it's extremely visible... It's making me literally want to break down as silly as it sounds

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Olly, there's far too much introspection going on here, the vein doesn't hurt and you are the only one who can notice it, it's not important or life threatening and I'm sure that deep down you know it. Try to forget about it and a few months from now you'll say 'I wonder what happened to that vein I used to stress about, can't even find it!'

You say there are no red flags and you accept that, great, loads of people around who wish they could say that. Your jaw and sinus problems will be resolved in due course, your getting specialists attention remember. All these issues will pass in time, for the time being just get on with your life and doing the things that you enjoy.


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