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angry at myself

Hi i just want to say any young people out there with anxiety /panic disorder,you have the opportunity to make it better for yourselves now today,i have suffered with anxiety and panic for 30 years and its only in these recent years that i realised i had wasted all those years searching for a miracle to take it away and wake up perfectly normal and it would disappear,it never could because i was the source of it all.I fuelled it fed it and have kept it at the forefront of my life up until today,this present moment,i have suffered every weird symptom going,and have avoided lots of things in my life because of it,i literally made myself ill,many times i have been on the verge of feeling like i was going crazy with it all,and felt like i was the only person in the world who could not handle it,ive felt sorry for myself so many times,felt weak,angry and uncertain about what to do next.i just want to try and get a positive message across that you can stop today and think how you affect your own lives at this moment by how you are thinking and reacting to life each day,please choose a more rational way of looking at you problems and you will not waste years and years on this horrible anxiety and fear that can if you let it rob you of fun and positive outlook on life.Sorry if i sound patronising i dont mean to be,i feel great sympathy for everyone who is living with this,i just want to try and tell young sufferers to help themselves by doing something about it now,so they can live full lives not only half a life.

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Agree with you 100℅ Anxiety just tricks us all into feeling so ill I've wasted too much time on it

Excellent post

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