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I CANT SLEEP AT ALL AT NIGHT... I fall asleep like 4-5 am now... Wake up every 2-3 hrs until 1pm smh (not working at the moment part of my brutal anxiety/depression) smh. I wake up sad because the time has passed so much. Then I literally sit in my bed not eating or getting up unless to Pee until 4-5pm... Then I'm back in my bed around 12am scrolling through my phone reading anxiety articles and on forums. My day is consumed with checking my heart beat, chest tightness, bouts of scary health type thoughts, impending doom, searching for jobs and being upset .... Then back to the bed. So I spend about 4-5 sitting in my room applying to jobs and back to bed. I hardly watch TV play my videos games, go out to the mall or something, go to a bar.. I quit drinking because sometimes if I get drunk my heart pumps harder but I heard that's normal smh just us with anxiety we realize EVERYTHING. I'm just stuck in this rut I can't get out of. I want to get my sleep back under control. I haven't told ANYONE how bad my anxiety is because I dont wanna stress anyone out and then they start to treat u like ur sick and when they ask "how do u feel today" u really wanna say "SHITTY!!!! MY CHEST IS TIGHT MAJIRITY OF THE DAY MY HEART BEATS WEIRD, MY BREATHING GETS WEIRD, I FEEL LIKE IM WALKING IM A CLOUDY MOVIE AND I FEEL MISERABLE AND WANNA CRY FOR EVERYTHING"

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I didn't sleep or eat properly for 2 months before coming home from university . I told my family and I took time out from everything . My sleeps still up and down but I can go back to sleep during the day or take a nap because I'm just focusing on my health right now. See GP , councillor etc and it's ok to ask for help. being strong doesn't mean you don't need help . It means when you do need it, you ask for it. People don't look at you like your sick but those close will want to help I'm sure


firstly, stop checking your heart rate/pulse! ; your anxiety is overtaking your life so something needs to be done; Get to your gp and explain everything including your sleep/lack of; cutting out drinking is a positive thing; you need to try and establish a new sleep routine; so force yourself to stay awake between say 9am and 11pm; then go to bed; stick with this routine and for now, id say dont fall asleep in the afternoon; dont drink caffeine drinks several hours before bed; you need to eat; try a bit more healthy eating; use relaxation techniques; you need to speak to someone about this; also confide in your family/ family member that may have some empathy or a friend. Get some exersize during the day, even if its gentle walking; get outside and go for a walk; Forget about looking for work at the moment; focus on trying to get a bit better.

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Hi believe me when i say i sympathise with your anxiety and sleep problems and feeling stuck unable to change things,i also check my heartbeat ,pulse rate throughout the day,and i feel and go through a whole lot of symptoms in a day too many to list,but and you know theres always a but,you are not going to feel better stopping in bed,or staying in your room away from the world,and im sure you know that you need to make small changes to get out of any rut you are in,i know it is not easy and some days you will just want to hide away but maybe try to watch a bit tv,or take a walk in the fresh air,just for an hour a day,your sleep problems are made worse by getting no fresh air,no exercise and sitting going over and over in your head how bad you are feeling,please forget about the bad days you have had and start from now changing habits one step at a time,i too am not working at the moment so i understand that we have a lot of time to fill in our day,keeping busy and active helps,even with our anxiety and depression,try to remember anxiety tricks the mind into feeling fear and danger when there is no danger at all.I do wish you well .


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