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Health Anxiety!

Hello All!!! I am and have been suffering from Health Anxiety for MANY years. Its been at bay for 6 or 7 months and today it reared its ugly head at me!!!! I know its just evil thoughts and I know I need to ignore them, but its hard!! I had an old back injury YEARS ago was supposed to complete therapy and didnt do so. I lost alot of weight it went almost away wasnt so bad...then now im married, gained weight, and started sewing...well I wasnt in the correct posture and lower back started aggravating me, down my butt and leg aka sciatic nerve...needless to say I googled :( So here I am freaking out again...

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Hi i hate Anxiety had it really bad this week :( i would say ignore it but i know its really hard to as my gf keep telling me i do feel for you :) dont google stuff cos scares you even more :) i had Anxiety so badly :( hope you get well soon :)

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Thank you very much and your right its hard to ignore but its the best thing to do. I hope you get to feeling better to. THank you


Mine is pretty bad

I have health anxiety too but mine is mostly me freaking out being afraid of horrible allergic reactions

It drives me wild but you just have to tell yourself the facts and know you'll be fine


Also, never google your symptoms that is the worst thing you can do


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