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How do I know it's not something worse?

OK I know I shouldn't be even asking this so I hope this is not triggering for anyone.... but does anyone else get really worried about whether they are going to get psychosis? Kinda like health anxiety but about mental illness? As if I wasn't totally trapped by the thoughts whizzing round my head at a million miles an hour, and the horrible feeling that I don't know who I am (anyone relate?) I keep getting dragged into the terror of thinking it must be the start of something much worse like schizophrenia. So far I have managed NOT to google the causes/early symptoms of schizophrenia and I'm NOT going to but I still can't stop worrying and worrying :-(

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Nope. Not going to happen. People who worry about getting schizophrenia and having psychosis do not get these things. . . The whizzing thoughts, depersonalization is all a part of anxiety. The can't stop worrying is anxiety. GAD, OCD Health anxiety. all fit the bill. I used to have the same worries. As a psychiatrist once assured me, folks who have a documented anxiety disorder virtually never have the added burden of becoming psychotic or schizophrenic. People who are having psychosis or schizophrenia do not worry if they are in these states or going into these states. In their minds they tend to think all is well and rational . . . . Think Amadanda Bynes. . . A guy named Grayson has a book called Freedom from OCD. . . It has a great section on health anxiety. I found it helpful. Sorry you are suffering. Best wishes.


Thank you SO much for replying. It's so helpful to have someone understand. I'm so glad I found this site!!

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I have health anxiety so bad. It has been at bay for about 6 to 7 months and today it showed its ugly face. I have often thought the exact things you are worrying with. It effects each person in a different way and when we become trapped in our own head it is the ultimate worse feeling. Like there is no escape, no answers, and only the worse could possibly happen. I have to step back and occupy my mind because if not my mind will feed of those thoughts and send me into complete panic!!!


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