Anxiety or headache

Hi so I hit my head while skiing on Friday and I went to a doctor Saturday and she did a full neurological work up but no CT because she ruled out clots or bleeds. I also don't have a concussion however my head hurts. I also have anxiety which panics about symptoms. I got hit in the forehead but I'm getting tension headaches too. Are these connected/should I be worried?


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  • Hi M-smith18, if you were cleared by the doctor on Saturday and she felt you didn't suffer a concussion, I would tend to believe her. The fact that you got hit in the forehead would make it hurt just as any other part of your body would hurt from a hit. As for the tension headaches you are getting, I would say that is more from your worry and tenseness of the head muscles. If it continues, call your doctor and update her. But at least give it a healing chance for a few days. Feel better soon.

  • Thank you both I appreciate it

  • Yes i agree with Agora1. Try to relax and give your body a chance to heal. I'm sure you'll be just fine

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