Random feeling of nausea

So honestly I have no idea what the hell is wrong with me.

I was writing some music and I was having mild head pain but that went away,

Towards the end of me finishing everything I just got this wave of mild nausea and a little panic for some odd reason.

I quit smoking and I quit drinking because it was just too much for my anxiety,

It's been a few days and I've been doing well

But right now maybe it's because I'm hungry but it just hit me out of nowhere and I hate it

Ugh this year has to be different :/


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4 Replies

  • Anxiety is known for causing nausea. Quitting smoking and drinking at the same time can cause panic and nausea. lf it's already been a few days and you're only feeling mild symptoms after quitting both those things you're doing very well, good for you. Sounds like you're almost there. Smart decision.

  • Congrats on quitting smoking and drinking, its not an easy thing to do.(about 25 years for me)When I was younger and having a panic attack or bad anxiety I would just have a few ciggies and a stiff drink-looking back , boy what a bad idea lol...I am sure your nausea is nothing to worry about ,,we anxious people just tend to overthink...take care

  • Hi SvvgeTvbuu, if it's only been a few days since quitting smoking and drinking, I would think you are still going through the adjustment period. The mild nausea you felt along with a little panic could very well be coming from being hungry. Your body is looking for energy and satisfaction that the smoking use to bring you. Hopefully after you ate, you felt calmer both mentally and physically allowing for the nausea to go away. Feel better soon

  • Thank you so much !

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