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I wonder what is it

So like i'm 18 turning 19 this may, if i finish this year i'll be going to university even tho im a year late because i failed anyway, i truly wanna finish and move on with my life but in so scared of finishing...and im not scared of finishing because i do bot want to but because i am afraid if growing up and i do not know how to stop it or slow it sown, i do not wanna grow up is it anxiety? And if it is how do i stop it?

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Listen, let me explain something to you that everyone will come to understand eventually, do not allow an "age" to define you. We are literally ageless. "Age" only exists in the mind and that is it. When I learned this and started to live by it, it has been remarkable ever since In so many ways. And anxiety does mess with your perception of time. Time as well is an illusion. Live as slowly and as long as you please. It is your choice. Don't focus on what year it is and stuff like that, these are all made things only to help keep track of things, but not to define us, that part has been created by the human mind and can very well be dismissed from our mind just as easy. We create our own realities. We have the right to believe and live by whatever we choose. As long as you love all others and yourself, that's all that truly matters

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