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Constant anxiety

So i posted here before and basically i have anxiety 24/7 now. I saw a psychiatrist and was perscribed two meds. I took one and had a really bad reaction so i am now afraid to take the other. I would much rather try natural remedies if possible. If you have any recomendations pleeease leave a one or a few. I need relief now cause only sleep is my relief atm. Thank you

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Well it's good that you can sleep as often anxiety will affect that.

Try mindfulness meditation, google Headspace.

Also mood gym.


I had the same experience. Took med prescribed by psychiatrist for one night and had the most horrible side effects...nausea, terrible anxiety, excessive sweating, etc. I have never touched medication since then. I started exercising regularly, did 3 months of CBT, learnt deep breathing techniques, etc

I also did a lot research on the net about dietary supplements which would help with anxiety. I started taking magnesium glycinate 3 months back and am happy with the results. I don't know whether its magnesium glycinate or something else or all of the above which cumulatively mad me feel better.

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