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Physical anxiety - Constant knotted stomach / butterflies


Does anyone else out there have constant physical anxious feelings (e.g. fast breathing, butterflies, knotted stomach etc.) I feel like I have this pretty much all the time, every moment of my waking day.

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Everyone on this site will sympathise with you and wish you better soon. I'm new to site, but suggest you spend some time trawling through "Questions" and you should see what other people recommend. Acute anxiety/depression is horrible. A trouble shared as they say ... Good Luck.

Yep. I've been experiencing that this whole weekend so far. My stomach feels all twisted up, sometimes it starts to hurt and I get nauseous. I usually lose all appetite when that happens. I also start to breathe really fast, and feel like I'm hyperventilating.

So yeah, I know what you mean, and I don't think its anything out of the ordinary for those of us suffering from anxiety.

Do you want to share what happened to cause this anxiety? Maybe it'll get a load off your chest.

GrayEm in reply to Maya_dawn

Thanks. This is my second round and it was brought on by a bout of labarynthitis. It has since grown out of all proportion! And you?

Maya_dawn in reply to GrayEm

I'm sorry to hear about your condition. I hope it improves.

Mine is caused by my compulsion to overanalyze. :(

nibbles1 in reply to GrayEm

how long did u have labrinthitus for,ive had mine for 3 years and its hell!

Jooles66 in reply to GrayEm

I had Labyrinthitis which has left me with Tinnitus and partial hearing loss and I now where a hearing aid. The knotted feeling in my stomach has been worrying me for a long time and I've been putting it down to stress and anxiety hence the reason I've joined this site. I'm grateful to you GrayEm as I never thought for one minute that this feeling could be caused due to my Labyrinthitis or Tinitus and I think you could be right

Yes very much so, i mostly feeling like my abdo is twitching and cant stay still. Awful. Many sympathies, take some comfort that this is very very normal for anxiety. X x

Yes, took me many years to realise the feeling was anxiety. Sometimes my stomach is so full of butterflies I can't eat anything. My other half has found the best solution so he thinks! He tickles my stomach until they 'fly' away! Normally only a very temporarily solution.

It is a horrible, disconcerting feeling. I do find it is no longer constant but depends on the situation. Maybe monitor to see if you have triggers. For instance work is a trigger I have had hardly any in the Christmas holidays, Sun evening/nights are bad, visiting any of my family especially my mum & dad triggers it off. Some social situations. It's much worse if hungover or I have had just a few sips of coffee.

I have found just accepting helps a little, accept it is part of you no matter how annoying. I also find it is IMPOSSIBLE to have this feeling whilst excerising so if it is particularly bad I go for a run. I'm not particularly fit but it elevates it, You aren't alone on your suffering.

Wishing you a wonderful 2013.

Aberkaz x

Brian1985 in reply to aberkaz

Work, working away from home from wife and kids, having kids in general is a worry. I find exercise helps aswell. When I'm not at work and we are all together it goes away also.

I'm glad you said running helps, I haven't been able to run for 2 months now because I've been having this feeling almost everyday and I figured running would probably make it worse. I guess I should've tried it because it sounds like it helps lol

Thanks for all your answers. As a word of encouragement, I did beat my anxiety, earlier this year, and was without it for several months. I even came off the Citalopram pills I was on. It is just a pain that it came back again following a bout of labarynthitis.

Lacosta in reply to GrayEm

Hi GrayEm I am wondering how you for rid of your stomach anxiety? I have it all the time without anything really causing it. Please share your story..

I've got the constant butterflies, nervousness, whatever in my stomach. The only relief that I have found is Imovane. They are a sleeping pill, and when I take even as little as half a pill, my stomach calms and I feel great . . . for a while. Trouble being, you're only allowed 2 a day and they are supposed to be taken at night. Sometimes, I just can't stand it and I'll take 1 . . . and feel great for a while. Leading to my next problem which is running out before I can get more. So I suffer until I can get my next refill. Just wondering if there is something else that might relax my stomach, cause living like this sucks.

EmsD in reply to jpenny

Yes it sucks! Ugh.

Me! 24/7 butterflies for years now. No reason. I'm so over it.

I have all of that too. Mine was triggered again because of my Grandmother passing away, and alot of stress about planning my wedding. I had panic attacks almost everyday, until I told myself that I can't live like this anymore, and everytime I get that nervous stomach feeling, or pressure in my chest, I simply tell myself it will pass and distract myself. It wasn't easy at first, but I guess you just get used to it. Lol. I get the nervousness all the time still, but I take 10mg of Propranolol(Beta blocker)for that. It really helps. I also take Straterra for my ADD, and Effexor for anxiety, which I think I need to increase the dose, depending on what my Psychiatrist says.



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