Scare to take new meds

My doctor put me on new medicine i try it the first night omg i couldn't sleep had the shakes all night just felt real bad the whole day and half finally went to sleep about 530 i havent took it since effexor 75 mg i have few others meds that i need to take iam kind scare to take but i know its for my health. Have anybody else felt this way before


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  • I went crazy with effexor over a decade ago

  • Hi nicki005. I have been on just about every anxiety medicine except for effexor. I've been prescribed Viibryd. I haven't taken it yet, but I hear it's pretty good and it doesn't have some of the side effects that other anxiety medicine has. One drug that I will NEVER take again is Zoloft. I didn't know if I was coming or going with that stuff. If the medicine is making you feel worse, I'd stop taking it and consult with your doctor.

  • I was on that med long time i didnt like the side effects so i stop take it

  • ive started on effexor, but need to up the dose cos it aint really doing anything; i have anxiety disorder; i can take other meds with this too if i want to; gonna see my gp early Jan; if you are getting these effects after just one tablet, stop taking them; continue with yoru other meds and see the doctor xx

  • Call your doctor immediately and let him know of the side effects and their intensity. Genesight can be a somewhat expensive testing but it is very good at finding which meds are least likely to cause side effects in you as well as Wich ones your body will metabolize well for you. Ask your doctor of he does Genesight testing.

  • All the time.

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