Impossible to sleep without meds

So I was diagnosed with costcondritis about 2 months ago on the left side of my chest. Ever since my anxiety goes threw the roof when I feel the ache in my chest before bed or anytime in the day. I've been sleeping in the slouched position because laying down flat I feel like my heart is freaking out and sometimes feel like my brain is dehydrated so I wake up every 30-45 minutes to chug water. This mostly happens when I have 2 alcohol beverages early in the day and skip my dose of alrazolam 0.5g and the trazodone 50mg before bed because I try not to take meds on the same day as a day where I have a drink or 2. I get to the point where I almost fall asleep without the meds but my mind just starts racing and racing and I drift away for about 30-40 minutes and boom I'm right back up.. happens for the whole night and I keep trying to force myself to sleep because I'm fighting to keep my job so I need sleep but it's nearly Impossible without my meds. Any advice? I'm going to see my psychiatrist tomorrow but does anyone else feel like this? It's pretty annoying because I'm trying not to be on meds but they are the only thing getting me to sleep for at least 4-6... never more then 7. Moral of the story is.. does this happen to anyone else to where they feel like they might have a stroke or seizure or something along those lines? I'm only in my mid 20s been to the ER (CT scan of head, chest X-rays, blood work, urine every thing comes back fine) and I have 2 Primary doctors(to have 2 opinions) they both say I'm healthy, they even did 25 hour monitoring of my heart and said it's fine. But the ache is still there . My psychologist is great but after not seeing him for a day i feel like I'm losing control of my thoughts and body without the meds. Any tips?? Should I just continue my cycle of meds for 2-3 months and see if my head adjust to not worrying so much before bed? I hate the fact that I have to take meds so I'm trying to avoid them but don't think it's helping anything as far as sleep and stress.. Any tips help or related stories? Please share


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  • Well I think if you got stress at work you will struggle to sleep. I got ADHD and I hardly sleep when I'm stressed my doctor has given me tranquillisers for when I can't sleep as I'm not drinking now. I'd say perhaps talk to somebody about your stress or get a day out with a friend if you can to take mind of it? I get nightmares and sleep paralysis sometimes so I get the not sleeping Thing. I don't recommend drugs if you can avid them I think your right about that.

  • Magnesium helps you sleep and is just a simple mineral.

  • hi, so much magnesium on market, I have tried some (to help with sleep) would you be kind enough to tell me which type (and dose) you find works? Can't afford money keeping trying!

  • Start low quarter tablet if it does nothing try half, slowly build up your dose till you get one suitable for you.

    If you are in the UK these are the cheapest you'll find anywhere.

  • Thanks for advice, I use iherb already and have just ordered some tea to help with OAB, prescription meds help a bit....but the side effects not worth it .

    I have been taking Solgar chelated mag. ( for insomnia) but only one tab (100mg) and probably not enough. I have always liked Solgar brands till recently found it was owned by H&B and I DONT like H&B - No special reason but I feel they are too much money orientated . I'll increase dose till tabs finished then order from iherb.

  • Choymkv, you've had almost every test that's available so you can be absolutely certain there's nothing wrong with your heart whatsoever. Non cardiac pain below the heart is a symptom of anxiety according to the list in Claire Weekes' book 'Self help with your nerves'.

    My wifevis supposed to have costochondritis for the last 10 years but besides being brought on by too much physical effort it's brought on by worry and stress and relieved by taking 2mg diazepam. So I don't think it is costochondritis, I think it's an anxiety symptom. Maybe that applies to your chest pain too.

    The best thing to do is accept there's nothing physically wrong with you and accept that it's all the result of nervous sensitisation. This should bring some reassurance and should allow you to Accept the chest pain for the present time without adding further fear and stress to your overtaxed nervous system. If you can frame your mind to accept all the symptoms that deep down you know are anxiety and be prepared to lead a normal life despite them and without letting them bother you then eventually your shattered nerves will recover and you will feel normal once again. But it's important to develop the mind set of Accepting all the symptoms without fear or frightening yourself to death.

    You can do it, after all you know now that there's nothing wrong with you physically - and you know that anxiety can be overcome by acceptance rather thsn constantly fighting it which causes more tension.

  • Jeff that is the best answer I have received from any doctor that I have spoken too.. my primary, the 5 doctors I've seen in the ER, my therapist, thank you so much for that piece of mind that you just shot in my head that makes complete sense! I wish you & your wife a blessed and wonderful week can't wait to sleep tonight!!

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