Lightheaded, pressure in my head especially the side, and feeling a little woozy

I've been feeling like this for about 4 days and i do not know what may be the reason. In the past I have been suffering from panic or anxiety attacks (can't be sure because never really met a doctor) but currently I do not feel any of the attacks so they don't seem like the reason for me. Could anybody help me why I might feel such symptoms. Recently I have been taking final tests and I really been spending a lot of my times on a computer and haven't exercise properly, also been sleeping late and waking late.

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  • rlaqkrdl123, anxiety can take many forms, totally new symptoms can crop up any time, the fact that your anxiety took a different form before doesn't mean your new symptoms aren't anxiety. The stress of final exams and computer work is highly likely to be the answer from where I'm sitting. So rest up, get more sleep, do what you do to relax and don't dwell too much on these symptoms, dont get obsessive about them and start Googling them and I'm sure they will pass.

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