Anxiety for weeks, then completely gone for weeks, then back again for weeks, then gone for weeks. What's going on?

It all started in May 6 months ago. I had terrible panic attacks for 3 months straight. Never thought I would be normal again. Eventually It slowed down and i felt normal again for about a month. I mean completely normal, anxiety free.

Then something triggered me at work and I felt a ping of panic, and that set off 7 days of always being anxious. Then suddenly one day, all gone again. I'm back to being fine. I was fine for a month again.

Then again driving back from work I felt that ping of panic that fear of being alone. This time the constant anxiety lasted for a month. It was hell. Then suddenly last Sun night it was all gone. It's been all gone since (3 days now).

I have a new anxiety therapist and I will bring this up to him, but I thought I would post here. What's going on? Am I bi-polar or something?

This time when it went away it was after I visited my new nurse practitioner who was going to manage my meds. First time I had seen him. He talked to me for an hour and I think he gave me some hope with adding effexor to my meds. I cried for like 15 min when I first when in there. Let everything out.

So now i'm fine. What's going on and how do I stay fine. That's the key. Or is this how it is getting better? it comes and it goes?


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2 Replies

  • Hi mrmanpgh, it's better known as "free floating anxiety". It comes in waves whenever you are feeling more venerable or stressing out. Trust in your new nurse practitioner, develop an open and honest dialog. It sounds like you had an emotional cleansing after talking with him for an hour. I wish you continue success as well as addressing some of those feelings.

  • What does what do with this kinda thing. I have figured out that my problem is really the morning. By afternoon even 10am i'm feeling fine. If i have something scheduled to do in the morning like a dr appoint I'll feel fine. If I don't I'll be up around 8am ... and not know what to do with myself..try to go back to bed, but can't cause i'll be wondering if i'm going to get this anxiety again.

    If I were able to make a purpose out of the morning to get thru it without feeling bad I think I would really be that much better.

    I'm still not back to the anxiety all the time yet.

    I can plan it in my mind now (i'm 6pm) and say i'll wake up, i'll exercise, i'll take a shower.. then i get the then what.. ? watch some TV? All sounds good, but in the morning all I want to do is go back to sleep.

    What do you think?

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