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So i finally decided to take my meds. So day 1. Im going to try to be as honest as possible and keep updating how im feeling and my thoughts. Maybe it'll help others and so i can keep track for future reference. im taking citalopram 5mg to start eventually will be increasing to 10mg after the 1st week. Its been a few hrs and im feeling positive about this choice Ive made as it has been 5 months of hell. Medicine is my last option. I do go to cbt and that has been helpful once i had an open mind. The only thing is my anxiety is a little elevated im sure b.c i am worried about the medicine and just anxious to see if it works or will have any side effects. Just going to stick to it. If nothing changes nothing changes


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  • Hello

    I am glad you have made a decision that feels best for you after trying other methods to help with your anxiety

    You anxiety will start to maybe play up because you are trying something new this is natural but if you can ride over this and once the medication starts working which can take several weeks even a month or more before they take full effect hopefully this will be the answer and like you say any one else that has a fear over taking medication will be able to draw strength from your post knowing there are others with the same fear but have done it :-)

    Keep a dairy maybe because when your anxiety starts to take over it can be good to look back as we can then see it has done it before and notice this is a pattern so nothing to fear as we got through it

    Good Luck :-)

    Take Care x

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