Constant thought of dieing an leaving my girls behind, help

I love my 2 little girls more than anything in this world but lately I can't think straight all I can think of is I'm dieing and going to leave my girls behind. This all started month or so ago when my breathing seemed off then stomach pains, then I went Christmas shopping without my girls and the fear kicked in a couldn't breath and had to leave and get back home to my kids. Before this I was fine I enjoyed my job and love my life at home but this has just came out of nowhere and now I just can't function right, since the breathing I've had different symptoms almost everyday and been to the doctors about 8 times but nothing has helped they just say it's anxiety, I'm in constant panic and fear, I really don't no what to do next my life has been took over I would love to feel the way I did again, I have great family support and feel very lucky with all I have in life but I don't no what to do can anyone help or relate ? Thanks Ryan


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5 Replies

  • Hi, i know the feeling, mine started when i had my kids. That deep fear is still there, even thismorning its been on my mind what will happen my kids if i drop. Its horrible. Hate feeling like this, i know exactly how u feel

  • The worst feeling ever I worry about it constantly I feel for anyone going through this

  • I felt that way before....still do somedays. My anxiety was having a heart attack and dying, leaving my kids without a mom. Last summer, my best friend had a heart attack. She's fine. I have to talk myself out of thinking stuff like this everyday. Just remember, your doc says you're fine. Make sure you're taking vitamins and getting enough sleep.

  • Thank you its just getting unbareable seem to just keep getting more symptoms to, wich make it worse, I fear I won't get over all of this

  • have those feeling tonight, body playing up AGAIN

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