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I have recently started a new job and I'm finding it difficult due to lack of confidence.

I have been made to feel awful about myself from a young age up until my last job.

I was bullied in my last job quite badly, I was made to feel like I was useless and couldn't do my job. The bullying lasted for 4 years because they would tell me I would never find another job( which I believed, causing me to stay and put up with it).

I have come home tonight after my shift and just completely broke down, I didn't realise how much the bullying has affected my confidence. I feel useless and stupid and paranoid that they see me as useless.

I just want my confidence back.

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Bullies usually target others in order to cover up their own issues where they are lacking, their lives and false confidence is often a cover up too, so please don't let their opinions or actions control your opinions of yourself. Your an individual with rights and feelings, you do have so much to offer, your employer has given you the job because he/she sees you as an asset to their company, they don't just employ anyone, so remember that important factor, search on youtube for inspiration and confidence building techniques, there's many people feel as you do and they often share their recovery via youtube videos, you can do this, you are stronger than many because of your experiences, xxx

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I just didn't realise how much it had effected me. I feel so insignificant and stupid. My bf is trying his hardest to help me which does help. When I am around him I feel safe


It's so upsetting to hear how you've been affected by those bullies, I hate any kind of injustice, you have strength and confidence deep within you, you've just had it pushed away by the disgusting bullies you encountered, be proud of how you've obtained a new job, be proud of how you've already proven people wrong by leaving the old job xxx


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