Hello everyone, I'm kinda new to these forums and groups and I've been going through some anxiety (or what I hope to be anxiety) things recently that I'd like to share and hopefully get your opinions or advice on them because I'm starting to get very worried.

First here's a quick history. I'm a 19 year old male. I don't really work out or do any physical activity. I'm 6'1 and weigh about 170. I also live a very sedentary lifestyle (which I'm not proud of) I've suffered from anxiety for about 4-5 years, ever since my freshman year of high school. My anxiety got so bad I had to leave regular public high school and start online high school. I have been on sertraline (Zoloft) ever since I developed the anxiety so about 4 years, everyday. Just 2-3 months ago I ran out of my prescription and dumbly decided I don't need them anymore and quit cold turkey. I was getting the main side effects for the first few weeks or month. Heart palpitations just feeling like crap. My biggest side effect was that I had no motivation to leave my house. I wouldn't go back to the doctor I wouldn't hang out with friends nothing. I haven't left my house for months. Just thinking about it gives me anxiety. Also I was getting episodes of what I think was "derealization/depersonalization". Anyways it was just episodes of them and they would come and go. I've talked to my parents about it and they just tell me I have severe anxiety and depression but I don't believe it because I'm not sad or have any sad thoughts. Then exactly three weeks ago I was sitting at home watching all the NFL games and started to have a little anxiety attack or episode of everything except this time I was getting these sharp pains in my head and I've never had a headache before in my life. Long story short this feeling hasn't gone away. I mean sometimes if I'm doing something it'll take my mind off of it and I'll feel a little better but it's mainly 24/7. Is it possible for side effects from stopping the medicine to come late? I've never gotten any tests done no brain exams or anything other than blood tests a few months back and everything came back fine.

Here is a list of my symptoms if anyone was wondering.

- sharp pain in my head that comes and goes, or a pressure feeling in my whole head

- The biggest one, extreme brain fog, derealization, dream like state of mind I can't explain 24/7

- Dizziness/lightheaded

- Very tired, fatigue

- I feel as if my memory's getting worse and I can't concentrate.

- Loss of appetite

- Fingers will twitch throughout the day

- Unmotivated, unwilling to do daily tasks

Those are all I could think of right now. Lastly my biggest problem is I google or look up my symptoms all the time and that just leads to more anxiety for me because you know how the internet is!!! I know this is long and I apologize. If anyone knows anything or has any advice on what I should do I would greatly appreciate it. I just want my life back already!!! Thank you!!


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2 Replies

  • Hey there. I'm also new to the forum thing and I also just took myself off Zoloft and I have the exact same issues now. They have been going on for 2 months. The mental stuff anyway. The physical issue seems like something completely unrelated to the absence of your meds. I am so sorry you are also going through this I wouldn't wish it upon anyone.

  • That's so refreshing to hear someone else is going through this and I'm not alone! Obviously I wish neither of us were going through it and I've said that so many times I don't wish this upon anyone not even my worst enemy. Thank you so much Rose!! Prayers to you and a healthy life!

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