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Just need support

So im new to this. Such a big step for me to reach out. I've been through all this before anxiety panic attacks depression. Its different everytime I've learned a lot of coping skills and ways to deal but i cant seem to shake it i go to therapy and i have agreed to seeing a psychiatrist. I tried meds before but never gave them a chance. I just wish i could get better on my own but this is my last resort. Hope i am making the right decision. I hear wonderful things and also awful things about meds. I just need to get a move on with my life i live in constant fear i barely leave my house i lost my job because i couldnt function with out panicking. Just reaching out for advice or suggestions or other peoples experience. Much love

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Hello, You are not alone as you may notice being here. I am with ytou I wish that one day I could just wake up and feel like it was all a bad dream, But sadly no we have to fight and work hard to stop feeling insane

I can say this we can all tell you what best and say what needs to be done but please do it all when you know it is ready as you say you been though it all

So for me what helps (Some days) but some better than none

I changed my diet as I have put on weight also find out what food good for your blood type. I have a rare blood type so red meat not good for me

Find some meditation apps for you to fall asleep to or even try calm you down when you feel out of control

Exercise. I am taking it slow I got one of them Ped walking watches and do 3000 steps a day . as I have 2 dogs it not been hard for me

Yoga will be new for me next week

Baking a good thing to keep busy . I bake for friends/family and local firemen

Green tea and other herbal teas

For you try something different and new (Along with Meds )



I am here for ya! You have my support and love. I know how it feels. Still going through it all myself. God bless.😙


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