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Bounding heart rate during anxiety attacks. Any words of advice, im really scared?

My last panic attack was in august before this thursday. I'm on a z-pack for a sinus infection and ever since ive been on it ive been having bad heart palpations. I looked it up and it said it was normal for that drug but typical anxiety brain, i just couldnt accept that and let it go. I was sure something was wrong with my heart and i was having a heart attack. I went into a full blown panic attack which shot my heart rate up to 130 which scared me even more. This was by far my worst panic attack and lasted about 3 hours before i took a xanax and knocked myself out. I went to the doctor the next day and he did an ekg it read normal except for tachycardia (fast pulse) which go figure goes hand in hand in anxiety. My doctor knows of my anxiety so he told me its a cycle and if i have a palpation then im going to panic which will raise my heart rate which will give me more anxiety which will raise my heart rate more etc. I tried to take that to heart and tell myself it was just the anxiety but then last night i was having a constant ache in my chest which my mom attributed to me "running a 3 hour marathon" from my panic attack on thursday and said to relax, that the ekg was normal and im fine. However, i went into a full blown panic attack again with throwing up, uncontrollable shaking and a heart rate of 130 again just pounding and pounding in my chest. Have any of you had palpitations or pounding in your chest when having an anxiety attack? I just cant get out of my head that something is wrong with my heart which is giving me more anxiety! I woke up this morning shaking and having a panic attack but was able to talk myself down from it. I find that the racing heart comes before i even know im having anxiety but doctor said i could be having subconscious anxiety and that its all anxiety related. I also started a new birth control last month and he said that the hormones could be affecting all of this because i get bad hot flashed with my panic attacks which i never had before. I have had no appetite and have been nauseous for a week now and im pretty sure its from all of this! Any opinions on any of this would be greatly appreciated!

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Your doctor is 100% correct. You're in a panic cycle and it's hard to get out of. I can't tell you how many times i swore i was having a heart attack or that something was wrong only to find it was just high anxiety.

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