Hey everyone I've Just been giving propranolol to help with my anxiety it says to take one 3 times a day but only started off with one earlier on today to see how I was can anyone give me advice on when's best to take them and how many I should take for best results but don't want to have no energy I might start on two tomorrow but just nervous about starting these for the first time :(


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  • Propranolol will help you with the palpitations and bp control. You should take it as advised by your doctor.

  • It depends entirely on the dosage and if you are taking any other medications, particularly inhalers prescribed for asthma or any other chest and/or breathing problems. People with asthma cannot take propanalol or any other beta-blockers. You will find that once you have established a routine taking, say, 20mg in the morning and 10mg in the evening or whatever else you feel comfortable with, then you will be okay. The sensation of not 'feeling' your heart beat so quickly or be aware of your heart at all is a glorious relief as I know from my own experience. If your doctor is fully booked for any length of time you could always ask for advise from your pharmacist.

  • I've been on these for over a year... 40mg.. 1 tablet 3 times a day. So 120mg. They are brilliant ... Don't make you drowsy or anything ... They help with the physical symptoms of anxiety... Like heart palpitation .. Shaking... Sweating.. They really do help... I take mine.. One in the morning one around 2pm then one around 7pm... They really do help so take them as yur doctor advised you!! Xxxx I hope this helps Xx


  • Yeah it's the 40mg I've been given, Was just worried about starting them cause of side affects didn't want to be drowsy all the time as I have two young kids to look after, do u take it at the same time every day thank you for your reply xx

  • Yeah ruffly the same time babe. They will help.. You won't get drowsy 😊 they really do help!! Xxx I hope they help you... They have been a saviour for me ☺ xxx

  • They kinda give me a headache but its because I sometime take them on a empty stomach and not enought water.

    But they have really helped me.

    Good luck! You will be fine. I was scared at first too but I was fine.

  • I'm on them aswell but can not e one answer this lol ... even though am not anxious and got me heart listed to Dr's just put it down to stress and anxiety ... I've been feeling quite calm and still get these RANDOM one palps in my heart I'm gunny go off my head I just be sitting in work not thinking of it and there is goes a big fukin palp lol please some one help I can't shake the feeling that it's something else and don't want to anoy Dr again

  • I think that might just be your body getting used to them I can't sleep atol on them falling asleep for like half an hour at the most then waking back up driving me nuts are u having trouble sleeping?

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