Update on me going back to regular school

A little background i'm in 11th grade and was in cyber school for almost a year like 10 months, and decided to go back because I was isolating myself really bad and my anxiety was just getting worse and worse. So I've made it through 4 days so far. The first day was so hard I had anxiety attack after anxiety attack but I breathed through it and only went to my counselor once. And returned back to school the next day it was still a little hard because of so much tension in my back and head. And feeling like I was like hyperventilating. I knew it wasnt gonna be easy to go back in fact it was one of the hardest things ever. I'm still getting the anxiety but im slowly learning not to believe it. I hope as time goes on it gets easier and easier and can feel like I use too. Trying to stay positive. And take one day at a time. My brain still feels like "funky" like tired and a little foggy. But im slowly starting to get use to everything and trying to get atleast 7 hours of sleep at night.


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3 Replies

  • Going back to work tomorrow and you give me hope. I am so proud of you. Tap yourself on the shoulder and tell yourself how awesome you are!

  • Proud of you Adam! You're going through something really hard but you're doing it which is the first step! Keep staying positive and when you start to feel better try and enjoy high school! It can be fun too!

  • That's awesome. You should be so proud of yourself. Just keep at it and hopefully the anxiety will go down with time.

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