My exiety is taking over my life. My Post Traumatic stress disorder is getting worse than better and I don't know what to do to fix this? I'm very shakey and jumpy and I have cried almost every day since last Monday and now I feel so stupid and feel like no one cares how I feel my dad is not supporting me and i need help can u tell me how u overcome the issue that u we're dealing with?


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  • Hi, well I have little support too. But that's where you have to look to God. I am struggling with ya. 😟I also recently had to start meds seeing as I can no longer function or manage on my own. I too have PTSD, and panic disorder.

  • Really I just feel like I'm loosing control and can't do anything about it . I just wish my family would support me like my school is. I just am sad and in Massachusetts it is almost Christmas and my mind is turning away from the excitement

  • Are you on meds?? See i was and am at that point where i cant control it so i finally turned to my doctor fully. Also my family is not supportive, but only because they have busy hectic lives too. Accept that your family does not understand and speak to your doc. God is with you. 😙😇

  • My best friend lives there too!😊

  • Awe I appriciate u support

  • To be honest medication is just going to give you side effects and probably do nothing for your symptoms and for sure nothing to cure you. How do you get to the bottom of this? Go to a Church and look for God. He is the best Doctor and has the best medication you will ever need. This is not a joke, look for God and all will come in place. God Bless! Need to talk to someone? Send me a private message, we are listening. ;-)

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