Random Chest Pains

Hey guys and gals, just curious and anxious... nothing new! I've been randomly getting stabbing chest pains in my left peck... it doesn't feel like it's under the bone so far as I can tell, it more so feels like it's in the muscle itself. Is it only truly serious if you feel it under the bone? I've gone through many heart tests with them saying it's fine, but this could be the one time it's not, you know how I feel... any suggestions or opinions?


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5 Replies

  • It's hard to say when it's truly serious because that's different for everyone but I do know how you feel as far as the worry. I have had stabbing pains from muscle tension and gas. I feel good about the fact that you had heart tests and they came back fine. I certainly don't know but if you had those tests recently and there was no problem it seems unlikely that a major problem would come up all of the sudden? There's no harm in calling your doctor to make yourself feel better tho.

  • Hey man same story here

    Turns out to be costochondritis Google it it's just muscular pain but it freaks me out too and it takes a Long time to heal

  • But by all means take your docs advice perhaps mention it to him

  • These chest pains are worry some, I have looked up the costochondritis thing also but my Dr hasn't mentioned it, these pains do suck and I share your worries for me praying helps and also the deep breathing techniques

  • My doctor never mentioned it but another doctor at the hospital did if it hurts when you moved your arm or press down on the area then I imagine it would be muscular

    All the best

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