De Ja Vu feelings

Does anyone else be doing something and the next thing you know you get a feel like you've done it before or saw t in your dream and something bad was gonna happen. And when that happens you try to change the outcome because you think it's gonna be bad because you think you "saw" the future in a dream. But the horrible thing your brain thinks never actually happens and you're freaking out for no reason? Even though when their happening I'm like freaking out but I try to leave the feeling happen because I know it's gonna pass. Or I'll try changing what I'm doing to not have the chance of what I "saw" happen. This probably sounds very crazy but it happens. I've had anxiety like all my life. And this will happen randomly. And it usually scares the sh*t out of me, because of course the "visions" are bad. But I usually can control my thoughts and calm myself down. Anyone else get these?


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  • Hi Adamj, oh I have had the De Ja Vu feelings from time to time. It's never scared me but made me wonder why the feeling? I think it's something a lot of people experience. It's just when you have anxiety issues, it may make a bigger impact. Try not to put that much thought into it. I'm glad you can control your thoughts and calm yourself down.

  • I get this all the time!!!

  • Omg this happens to me all the time!!!! It's especially happens when my anxiety is at its highest. And everytime I have deja vu, I always feel like it means something bad is going to happen. But sometimes I do try to change what I'm doing so it won't. It does sound crazy but you're right, it does happen, what happens to you happens to me often

  • Hi, yep me too.

    Also called pre-cognition. I'm not sure it come more often or not due to anxiety, since the original 'seeing' is when asleep and to do that we are relaxed. But I do get it, one time I got a feeling not to get on a train, I didn't and it derailed, no one hurt, but if I was on it I might have been. Another time I saw my grandson laughing, another at Christmas celebration. I also 'saw' many other events. I never try and change what I'm doing at the time unless I get an accompanying negative feeling.

    We should embrace it, it has great possibilities to help us live our lives better, maybe win the lottery :)


  • I've definitely had this & it literally scares me it passes quickly but that rush that comes over your body is dreadful or at least it is in my case. I also got awakened in my sleep from it a few times ago. I was terrified so I start doing some research I couldn't really explain it because it was so bazaar. I felt like it was going to happen today and it didn't!

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