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scared i might have b12 deficency :/


has anyone got b12 deficiency? i have been having these symptoms...

extreme tiredness (fatigue)

lack of energy (lethargy)


feeling faint


pale skin

noticeable heartbeats (palpitations)

hearing sounds coming from inside the body, rather than from an outside source (tinnitus)

loss of appetite and weight loss.

for about 2 weeks so gunna get to doctors today xxx

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I've had all of these symptoms & I actually had my b12 tested & it came back normal. 😝 not sure what is causing all of these symptoms still. Wish I had the answers for both of us. :/ it sucks because all of these symptoms are taking a toll on my Life. 😳

yes im going to doctors for tests next week. hopefully its comes back that i have otherwise i dont know whats causeing these symptoms :/

This is so easy to test for. Go to a doc that will test all of your vitamins and minerals as well as your thyroid.

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yes i am next week. monday :)

sunnyg , the usual test for B12 - serum B12 is seriously flawed and most GPs have a very poor understanding of B12 and B12 deficiency.

Test results cannot be taken as an absolute guide and need to be evaluated in light of symptoms. GPs tend to focus on one particular form of anaemia - macrocytosis or megaloblastic anaemia in which the blood cells are rounder and larger than normal making them less efficient at carrying oxygen ... however 30% of people present with other symptoms before this effect becomes apparent.

LoveMeg22 suggest that you get hold of the actual test results for B12 as significant number of people can be symptomatic well into the normal range.

If you want to find out more about B12 deficiency and get help in getting it diagnosed then I would suggest that you join the PAS forum on health unlocked - and make sure you read through the pinned posts

Whilst a B12 deficiency can be caused by lack of B12 in your diet - if you are a strict vegan or eat virtually no meat/dairy/fish/egg - it is generally caused by an absorption problem. Whist it is a serious condition it is straight forward to treat.

There is a huge overlap between the symptoms of B12 deficiency and the symptoms of other conditions, including folate deficiency, thyroid, vitamin D deficiency, iron deficiency .... all of which are treatable.

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Excellent information. Thank you.

having blood tests on monday so hopefully get some answers :)

Nothing to be scared about .. eat bananas . Eggs and drink fruit juices

it is when you feel light headed and gotta look after 3 kids 2 under 3 :/

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