Terrified of myself

Hello to you all, I've been having troubling times ever since a month ago and I wanted to share to see if their is any help out there for me. Everyday I would wake up full of serenity, peace and energy until about a month ago when I started to swear of fear from having pencil lead stuck in my foot. Ever since then I wake up feeling as if I'm scared or the feeling of doomed throughout the whole day I get afraid of just having simple thoughts such as "ok I'm about to watch t.v." or "imma go for a walk outside" just little things and I get very terrified and there's no danger around me. Sometimes I ask myself am I really here or I think about death and fear just strikes me sooo bad I just want to die at that moment it Is very scary, I ask myself "how am I coping with this" all the time. It also feels like I'm running from myself or I feel so alone, I look at people and feel as if I don't exist because they don't feel how I feel and wherever I go it's like the fear is attached to me I cannot feel good at all I don't feel like myself and everything frightens me plz help.


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  • I have this feeling it's a weird sensation like ur in a dream strange I only started getting it 6 month back and it won't leave me I feel the same as you hang in there there must be a reason for it x

  • really appreciate it Jadeycakes :) yes it won't leave but I hope we both just so happen to depart from this misery and live very happy amazing lives.

  • Have you spoken to your gp? do you take any medication? Sounds like you have become completely over sensitized, your anxiety has got you stuck in the unpleasant cycle of fearing fear, recovery is possible though, I know it's hard to see how when your feeling so overwhelmed by your symptoms, but you can recover from this, if you haven't already done so I would consider seeing your gp and tell him how your feeling, you just need some support and guidance and your doctor may be the best place to start, try not to despair, many here will understand, your not alone xxx

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