Todays anxiety

Todays anxiety has been up the roof top like hard to breath pressure in my knceck chest i feel suffercated my hearts not goimg fast its getting worse idk what to do i drank my tea ans nope i hope i feel better tomorroe my husband is sick again had to take him to the hospital omce again this sucks so much on my mind i just give up uhg its a horriabel day for me if i dont feel good ima go tot he hospital tomorrow by my self


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5 Replies

  • How are you feeling

  • A little better the same not as bad tho i just think ots weird how it makes me feel i honeslty feel like dien some times like stop breathing im not sure whats going on i try not to complaine to my husband becauae hes hes never understanding but when he dont feel good im the one that tales him to the hospital sucks for me but ....oh well last time the ambulance picked me up last month he didnt evwn go with me nor picked me up i had to find a ride home sad but true . i hate my self for puting him first and giving it 110% all the time with no conplaining . any ways how are you feeling ??

  • Omg im so sorry you are going through that u guys exchanged vows for better for worse i wish he would understabd how that makes u feel have u tried talking to him before about how it makes u feel?

  • Yes but it he says hes going to care and never shows it....i domt know why im lettimg this get the best of me i hate it only a person need that person to talk too at least one time cant that

  • I hope things change for the better

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